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Karen DiSciullo 15A Parkman Street Natick 781-572-7753 [email protected]

                                  Director II License Only, Workshop Presenter, Consultant ‚Äč

Gladys Blinn 295 Bacon St.Natick 508-655-4881 [email protected]

M-F 6:30-6:00 2 Full-Time Openings- Any Age for Teacher's Children

Openings:   Infant  YES         Toddler/Preschool  YES          School-Age  NO 

Carol McGovern 9 Felch Court Natick 508-650-1484 [email protected]

M-F 8:00-5:00  Please email for availability.

Openings:   Infant         Toddler/Preschool         School-Age  

Maureen Tortola 10 Sheffield Rd. Natick 508-655-5403 [email protected]

M-F 7:00-5:00 M-F 1 FT INFANT Opening available April 2021

Openings:   Infant 1          Toddler/Preschool  1          School-Age  0 

Gayle Leary 16 Rutledge Rd. Natick 508-277-7104, [email protected]

M-TH 7:30-5:00 

Openings: Monday through Thursday, 2 years +.     No infant openings at this time.

NOTE: I have 1 dog and 1 cat

Kerri Sirafos 26 Dwight Ave. Natick 508-989-6206 [email protected]

Little Leaps M-F 7:30-4:30  School Year Only.  Temporary Summer care available till 9/1 all ages

NO OPENINGS for School Year 21-22

Openings: NO         Toddler/Preschool NO       School-Age NO

Diane Iwanicki 12 Wedgewood Rd. Natick 508-653-4843 or 508-314-3070 [email protected]

M-TH 7:30-5:00. Open Year round. 3 days -Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for any age.

Please Email or Call for availability.

Openings: Infant  Yes 11/1          Toddler/Preschool YES 7/1          School-Age NO

Nancy Tatro 95 Oak St. Natick 508-651-3428 [email protected]

"MY PLACE" M-F 7:15-4:45. Ages birth to 3 years. Pet friendly household. Great teacher discount!! Open during the school year... late August-Early July. Extra summer hours may be available. Starting in August new hours will be 7:15-4:45. Flexible schedule offering full and part-time hours. All kids 15 months and older receive a monthly, state approved "curriculum" box with a fun assortment of group and individual play/learning activities. Full/part time opening for child 2yrs of age. No infant openings at this time. Please call for next availability. Please call me if you have any questions. Enjoy the day!!!

Openings: Infant NO          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age NO  

Lisa Pini 17 Redmen Drive Natick 508-654-7209 [email protected]

M-F 7:00 to 4:30 PM Please email for availability.

M, W, F opening for toddler/preschooler 20 months or older Email for 2021/22 inquiries.

Openings: Infant          Toddler/Preschool 1 M/W/F         School-Age NO  

Ginger Healey 21 Lakeview Ave. Natick 508-655-9368 [email protected]

M-F 7:30am-5:00pm, year round. Second child discounts. Certified licensed assistant.

Infant/Toddler/Preschool curriculum offered.

Teaching Today's Preschool Learners to become Tomorrow's Leaders.

Not Re-opening until further notice due to COVID-19 EEC Restrictions.

Openings: Infant NO          Toddler/Preschool NO          School-Age NO 

Jodi-Taylor Boudreau 24 Virginia Rd. Natick [email protected], 508-647-4943

"Little Blossoms Childcare"          M-F 7:30-5:15          Email for availability.

Openings: Infant          Toddler/Preschool          School-Age   

Paula Kelley 10 Stonebridge Circle Natick 508-650-3447 [email protected]

M-F 7:00-4:00 Open School Year No Openings At This Time.

Openings: Infant NO          Toddler/Preschool NO             

Brandi McDavitt 14 Farrant Rd. Natick 508-733-0747 [email protected]

M-F 7:30-5:00 "Stay and Play Natick"

Openings M, W, F for 19 month old or older and M,W,TH,F for a 24 month old or older

Openings: Infant NO          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age

Lisa Ann MacLellan 39 Fisher St. Natick 508-653-3357 [email protected]

Openings: Infant YES          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age NO  

Kathy Kacavich 6 Curtis Rd. Natick 508-655-5082 M-F 7:00-5:00

Openings: Infant NO          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age   

Sherry Bragdon 25 Westfield Road Natick, MA 774-217-8558

[email protected] M-F 7:30-5:00

Openings: Infant- NO          Toddler/Preschool-NO          School-Age YES

Lynette Sinclair 45 Wethersfield Rd. Natick 508-647-6239 [email protected]

Openings: Infant NO          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age NO

Chanie Fogelman 168 Boden Lane Natick, MA 508-651-9778 [email protected]

Director, Lead Teacher for Infants/Toddlers/Preschoolers certified by EEC

Past experience includes preschool director at Chabad and preschool music and movement specialist in New England Hebrew Academy

Working with assistant who is also an educator

Monday through Thursday - full time or flexible options - limited openings

Not Re-opening until further notice due to COVID-19 EEC Restrictions. 

Openings: Infant          Toddler/Preschool          School-Age   

Rosanna Pereira 6 Gannett Rd. Natick, MA 508-810-8217 [email protected] M-F 7:30-5:30

Shining Light Daycare Bilingual Home (English & Spanish) Pet & smoke free. Openings for infants & toddlers.

Openings: Infant YES          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age NO

Julie Cohen 74 Morency St Natick Ma Little Ducklings Home Daycare

508 655-4688. Email [email protected]

No Availability

Openings: Infant YES          Toddler/Preschool YES          School-Age NO

Jamie Kelly Burke 5 Leland Rd. Natick 774-270-0787 [email protected]

M through F 7:00-5:00 Year-round. Please call or email me for availability.

Openings: Infant in March          Toddler/Preschool          School-Age

Alba Stella Millen 1 Ernest Drive Natick, MA 01760 508-254-0193

[email protected]

M-F 7:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. Open year round

Openings: Infants: No          Toddler/Preschool: Yes          School-Age: Yes

Bilingual (English and Spanish) I offer part time and full time hours.I am accepting school age children for Summer time care. Please call or email me for more information.  

Maria Berrios  14 South Lincoln St. South Natick, MA 01760 781-330-8122 [email protected] 

My Iil School *Mi escuelita. I provide a bilingual program (Spanish).                                                    Openings: Infant               Toddler/Preschool                    School-Age   

Paola Eastman 17 Terrane Ave. 339-225-2026 [email protected] 

Patti Bosselman 23 E Evergreen Rd. 508-655-5815 or 508-783-6419 Certified Assistant